~ Yoga Special ~

Private yoga 1:1 yoga class in the comfort of your own home to get a personalised touch and focus on correct alignment, technique and modifications just for you.

Receive adjustments to enhance each yoga pose and enjoy a gentle ‘yoga stretch’ given

 before relaxing into savasana .


1 hour class for $80 or 3 classes for $210

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*Bookings subject to availability

Valid for 6 months from purchase. 

It's a nice touch to receive a personal yoga session.
Make a time that suits you to receive individual attention, and more adjustments that either create alignment or enhance each posture.
Private classes can benefit Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Yogis. 
Beginner's classes are for those who are new to yoga or wishing to build on the foundations from the ground up.
These classes are lighter, slower and don't include strong inversions or arm balances.
Classes are tailored to each individual and aim to build on existing balance, strength and flexibility.
A combination of standing postures and chair yoga is also an option to maximise comfort and those who are not able to sit on the floor.
please contact to discuss your requirements.


Classes range from beginner to advanced so you can develop and enhance your practice together.
Classes include mindfulness practice and has a strong focus on breathing.
please contact to discuss your requirements.


KIDS love yoga as much as you!
Fun and creative yoga games will build their yoga foundations whilst cultivating mindfulness and quiet time.
Kids respond well to non-competitive activities that allow them to be themselves.
Classes promote themes such as kindness and sharing, love for themselves, other people 
and the world.
*Ages 3-12
Please get in touch to discuss 
your requirements.