Executive Yoga

for high performance workplaces

 Somaticah Yoga and Melbourne Corporate Heath with Dean Cassamento have joined forces to bring you professional wellness programs that improve the lives and well being of Australians at work. 

"More than 70 percent of people in the workplace claim to suffer from high levels of stress".


Stress is one of the highest causes of anxiety and low performance in many workplaces. 
It is also related to around 90 percent of medical consultations given reasons for not showing up to work.
It's not hard to improve the wellness of employees and executives who are under a lot of pressure. On a personal and professional level, everybody needs to strike a balance between work-life satisfaction and personal wellbeing.
At Melbourne Corporate Health, we create opportunities with lasting results to combat and reduce workplace stress and improve office culture using yoga-inspired techniques and Pro-Wellness programs.
Our Aim is to facilitate outcomes for:
  • Overall health = Healthy body, alertness, emotional intelligence and creativity

  • Knowledge = Power to change through personal key development strategies

  • Live in the present = Key to being positive and cultivating contentment


Corporate Wellbeing PROgrams

We offer a unique 6 week program to suit the needs of your workplace. The team at Melbourne Corporate Health are all driven by one goal – to empower individuals and organisations to reach their true potential. 

 - Introduction to mindfulness
 - Introduction to yoga
 - Introduction to meditation
 - 30 min

Get Zen

 - No sweating
 - Light and easy 
 - Stretching 
 - Finding flexability
 - 30 min

No Sweat

 - Yoga with weights
 - Fusion of yoga and P.T
 - 30 min

Yoga Core

 - Relax and find inner calm 
 - Guided meditation
 - Yoga eye pillows
 - Mindfull meditation
 - 30 min

Time out

 - Combat office work-related Repetitive strain injury (RSI) and fatigue 
 - Boosts office culture
 - Easy and inclusive
 - 30 min

Chair Yoga

  - Regular weekly 1 hour class

- Designed to promote ongoing health and fitness 

- includes traditional yoga practices, relaxation and meditation

1 hour Yoga

MCH Workplace Yoga is a select group of well trained and professional yoga and meditation teachers from a variety of traditions.

“Employees return from workouts refreshed and better focused on their jobs. Time dedicated to yoga and exercise is made back and more in terms of improved productivity. ”

— Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine