Your body is organic,
and you can to learn to listen to its rhythms​​ until you feel that each cell is talking to you.
Your whole body feels light and blissful.
It is liberating.
You reach a point where your body and mind cooperate so perfectly that you feel body is mind and mind is body.”
​Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Lama Yeshe


Somaticah Yoga has its roots in the teachings of SomaChi Yoga – Soma meaning body and Chi being the life force or energy that animates us.

Somaticah draws its name from Somatics – the holistic body centered approach to integrate and transform self through movement and awareness practices to promote well-being, with the sound ‘AH’ relaxing the Central Nervous System and creates space for deeper body mind connection.


SomaChi Yoga is a dynamic and unique style that unites flowing movement, martial arts and chi based transitions. It’s an enlivening practice that cultivates inner connection and expansive awareness. You will move more effortlessly and achieve a new sense of balance as well as feeling rejuvenated and full of life.

Somaticah is influenced and inspired by the Somatic practices and teachings of Julie Henderson, Tibetan Buddhism and founder of SomaChi, Lianne Metcalf.

Somaticah is born out of these teachings.

Leesa Selwyn has been involved with SomaChi yoga for 12 years. Leesa experiences the profound benefits of this yoga practice daily and loves teaching this style of yoga and movement.

​Classes range from relaxation and meditation to a more dynamic practice known as Vinyasa that promotes flexibility, strength, balance and inner awareness.

Within that framework, classes are intuitive and Leesa conducts classes around the needs of individuals and the group as a whole.

With Somaticah Yoga, you can expect to connect to a strong awareness of your body and breath, movement that flows from one posture to the next and which enables joints and muscles to move with ease and feel good.

​Leesa is a SAAYT 200 Registered SomaChi / Vinyasa Yoga teacher and Is an active member of the SomaChi Association of Australia.

Somaticah specializes in​ corporate, private and public classes, workshops and at lifestyle events.

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