New Years News Letter

Thanks for a Great Year
and a Great Practice!

♥ Monday Magic Candle Lighting ♥ 

The end of the year brings many things especially the chance to get together as a family and celebrate the times shared and memories made. 
Have we had some good times in this space at Summer healing Glen Waverley!!!

This class sets me up for the whole week and adds something special to my Monday mornings.
We just have way too much fun and finish so relaxed and peaceful from meditation, that mats and keys are left upstairs! xo


In the spirit of appreciation let me also honour the incredibly lovely yogis at Summer Healing Carnegie, who share a Thursday night SomaChi together.
Sometimes we chill and sometimes we sweat but we always have so many beautiful hugs xox
Such a devotional and vibrant community that really shows up every week with open hearts and big spirit! xo

A big thanks to all of you who made it out to the reunion!
It was really beautiful to bring the Bali yoga retreat gangs back together and a few VIP's from years back and of course the usual suspects ;)
After an hour of yoga at Tidal Flow we chatted over cheese and berries before heading off to the upstairs outside the absolutely packed out part of Vanilla restaurant in Oakleigh.
Half the noise was probably just us! :)
Great to share a family class and meal with you all, it meant the world to me to bring us all together, can't wait to continue for another fabulous year in 2019! xo


- UBUD - 

21st - 27th JULY 2019

Here we are, just where we need to be..

Its the absolute best time to reflect and create intentions for the new year. I can feel that its already begun for many of us.
You wont believe how good it is when July comes around.

I live for eternal summer and a destination mid winter to recharge and focus on my health and wellbeing.
Its become a great realisation that I live for these retreats. Its the main focus of my year for good reason, it brings with it the most blessings.
A transformation occurs, as a group and on an individual level. Its a journey that is initiated over 1 week of goodness, which then continues to unfold in incredibly life affirming ways.

Let us co-create this dream and dance together under the tropical stars of the Ubud jungle.
Nestled away within a 15 walk to all the treats Ubud has to offer is our home, Bucu View Resort -

With a huge rooftop yoga shalla overlooking the panoramic valley and beautiful open spaces and gardens we will embrace a yogic lifestyle and deepen our connection and alignment to our higher selfs though movement, breath, chi, Balinese spiritual essence and yoga goodness!!

Follow the link for all the info, pictures, past retreats, room options and registration xo

email -
Vist web page

Early Bird special offer - $300 off till Jan 15
Summer Healers -  additional $100 off!
Past Retreaters  - additional $200 off!

As we approach a new cycle around the sun and bask in the rays of summer
I just want you to know that i really appreciate you.

Thank you for everything you bring to every class
for being gentle or medium or tired or strong or just going with the flow
Its a cosmic dance between us that makes us leave with a yoga high.

Thank you for all the hugs and love.
Thanks for being part of a tiny community that shares a passion and love for yoga and somatics.
Thanks for yawning with me and for following your own rhythms.
Thanks for walking your path along side mine.

looking forward to another year of awesomeness :)


As well as teaching at corporate locations, small groups and one on one private classes, you can find me at summer healing yoga.


Please check the online timetable for up to date information.


           Summer Healing Yoga

Mondays 9:30 - 11:00am

Slowflow and meditation

Glen Waverley


Thursdays 6:00 - 7:15pm

Somachi Vinyasa